What is Wrodeo?

Wrodeo is a literary-based word game. Each day features a new quote or passage from a book or article with a certain percentage of the letters missing, depending on the difficulty level. Players try to guess the words that will complete the puzzle, using the letters shown and the context from the rest of the passage.

How do I play?

  • Pick your difficulty level. Choose Easy, Normal, Hard, or Impossible from the the Settings menu. Note: Changing the difficulty level mid-puzzle will erase your progress.
  • Fill in all the words. Try to complete the passage by typing words into the search box. You can guess the words in any order, and punctuation and case do not matter.
  • Stuck? Use hints. Each puzzle has a limited number of hints. Click on any word to reveal a missing letter

What do the colors in the text mean?

When words in the passage flash with a green highlight, it means you correctly guessed the word. When they flash with a blue highlight, it means you have already guessed that word correctly. Letters that were revealed through hints appear in orange text once the word is guessed.

How often can I play?

We publish one new Wrodeo every day at midnight Pacific time.

Is there a penalty for wrong guesses?

No, there is no penalty for wrong guesses. You can guess as many times as you want! However, wrong guesses will affect the percentage shown in your guess accuracy stat.

Who created Wrodeo?

Wrodeo was created by a husband-and-wife team in San Francisco. Kelsey is an editor who loves word games like crosswords and thought of the initial idea. Dan works in internet technology and is a hobbyist coder who made the game a reality. They both select the passages that are featured.

How can I support Wrodeo?

If you are enjoying playing Wrodeo, you can support the site by telling your friends about it. We also have a donation page setup on buymeacoffee.com where you can support Wrodeo by donating funds to help us buy more books and maintain the site. 🙏 Thanks in advance for your support. 📚❤️

Where do you get the passages for each day’s Wrodeo?

We source passages from books we’ve read, books we’d like to read, and even books that we’ve never heard of if someone recommends a passage. We are open to all authors, topics, genres, and time periods. A Wrodeo puzzle is not an endorsement of the featured book, author, or message.

Can I suggest a future Wrodeo?

Yes! Send us a note with any suggestions. Include the book title and author.
Keep in mind that Wrodeos don’t contain proper nouns like names (e.g., Sally, Toronto, or Pepsi), offensive language, or what we call “unguessables” (words that are imaginary, invented, or just really darn hard to spell). They also can’t be too long or too short. We’ve found that most Wrodeo puzzles fall into the range of 135-315 characters, including spaces. The sweet spot is around 200-260 characters.

How do you decide which letters are shown or missing?

Each puzzle is randomly generated to have a specific percentage of letters missing, depending on the difficulty level chosen. Everyone playing on the same difficulty level receives the same puzzle with the same letters missing. However, when you click on a word to reveal a hint, each hint is randomly chosen at that moment and may vary from player to player.

How is the number of hints determined?

The number of hints is generated for each puzzle using an algorithm that factors in the difficulty level and the length of the Wrodeo passage.

Are you collecting my data?

No. For wrodeo.com visitors, we do not use cookies and we do not collect any personal data. We've put a lot of care into trying to make Wrodeo a privacy-first website. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

What if I experience an issue with Wrodeo?

Wrodeo is our side hobby and a work in progress. We appreciate the patience and eagle eyes of our users as we work to continuously improve it. Please Send us a note if you have a suggestion or see a typo, factual error, bug, or other problem. We may not be able to respond to every message, but we’ll try to address all issues as soon as we can.

Anything else I should know?

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